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Still Worrying about Quality of Belt Conveyor? Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) Roller : the highest impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and absorption of impact energy, which are the highest values of extant plastics.

1UHMW-PE Roller 80000 hours warranty, over 15% energy saving .
2Anti-Flaming ,Anti-Corrosive, Cold Resistance ,working temperature -69℃
3Four layers of Sealing, Anti-dust Anti-Water
4Radial runout ≤0.1 mm, can be up to 0.01mm

HNPAL INAUSTRY LIMITED is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and
production of material handling products

we mainly produce:

1 UHMW PE Roller

2 low noise UHMW PE Roller

3 Anti-flamming UHMW PE Roller

4 regular steel roller

5 Steel roller with euro type sealing

6 Steel roller with japanese-type sealing

7 other steel rollers(customized)

8 Pully

9 scape

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What is UHMW PE?

UHMW PE is short for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene.molecular weight range from 1.5 million to 6 million.

UHMWPE gets the highest score in following six features among all plastic material 

Energy Saving

Compared with traditional metal rollers, UHMW PE rollers are more suitable for with dusty and high corrosive tough environment , such as mining, chemical, coking, steel, coal washing, port terminals and other industries.


These products are widely used in industries such as iron and steel, smelting, coking, power, chemistry, coal, cement, food, mine, oil field, civil engineering and marine engineering. The products and are warmly welcomed both at home and abroad.