About Us


HNPAL INDUSTRY LIMITED has been manufacturing quality conveyor systems and conveyor components over the years, including Steel Rollers/Idlers ,UHMWPE Rollers/Idlers for different working environments:Dusty.Cold.Corrosive.Acid, combustible,Moister,Heavy-Duty.
Conveyor Accessories Such as :EP Belt,Belt Cleaners .Brushes are also available
And pulleys with an industry-leading rim thickness, to an international market for over 10 years.
we provides fast delivery with an industry-leading manufacturing time of just 10 days,  reducing operating costs for companies around the world, our productivity up to 2000pcs/day.minimizing down-time.Our products with full 2 years hours ,quick turn-around times and energy saving ,HNPAL INDUSTRY LIMITED will Increase your Conveying Performance

Every hnpal industry limited technician is trained to perform all styles of different conveyor rollers for different applications.from cement industry to food industry .from dry material to wet material ,from underground coal mine to chemical plants . also we can provide for you conveyor belt repair and installation, including hot vulcanizing, cold vulcanizing,  mechanical fastening.

dust-free workshop

Since 2004 ,hnpal industry limited has been providing the highest quality standards when it comes to industrial conveyor equipment servicing. We proudly provide our customers with the expertise required to choose the right product, application technique or installation procedure to get the job opportunity;
9 produce lines could produce 1500pcs/day,Clean production workshop and exported processing machines guarantee the precision of every conveyor components.

Conveyor Roller

is a unique system designed to move goods over various distances. The conveyor is able to simplify the work of any enterprise whose activities are related to the transportation of goods. We support UHMWPE Roller/HDPE Roller,Steel roller/Metal Roller/Impact Roller.

And other customized Rollers for different working conditions

Conveyor Frames&Idlers

Idlers are vital to the conveying process. They support the belt and conveyed material along its full length preventing it from stretching, sagging and eventually failing. Conveyor idlers are often required to operate in harsh environments such as dirty, dusty, high humidity, and drastically high or low temperatures.

Conveyor Accessories

 are special systems consisting of drums/pulleys, belt cleaners and brush designed for transporting materials in mines and quarries.

 conveyors should be well maintained and the requirement for spare parts should not be underestimated. Safety, reliability and productivity depend not only on engineers and planners, but also on the quality of the parts that the system consists of.

Pulley and pulley lagging

Is essential part of Conveyor systems. Its increases friction and prevents the belt from slipping – which would otherwise rapidly ruin your belt, especially at high rotation speeds. HNpal Industry Limited  offers a broad range of pulley lagging systems, supplying everything from the most basic to the most technically advanced products.


The factory currently has 9 production lines

with a maximum daily production capacity of 2,000 pieces per day. At present, there are more than 20 national patents technologies and long-term cooperation with national lab. Also we are the member of the National Coal Safety and Mining Cement Industry Association

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Caring from Government

Local Government Issued many preferential Policies to HNPAL Industry Limited,The local government once contacted the bank to provide various low-interest, interest-free loans to help companies purchase professional production equipment, and built a road dedicated to the factory.

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We hired local talents and provided jobs

The factory has more than 70 employees, including technical personnel, designers, production personnel and sales personnel. From the purchase of raw materials to the processing of products, from the inspection of samples to quality inspections, every production link includes our respect for the products.