Comb type roller

The comb-type idler is also called a comb-type cleaning roller. Comb rollers are designed for use on conveyors that transport viscous materials. An elastic cleaning type annular rubber ring is installed on the surface of the roller body for cleaning the sticky material on the bearing surface of the conveyor belt, and the comb type roller automatically cleans the bonded material on the return belt to remove the fine particles adhered to the surface of the belt or Powdery raw materials, effectively preventing the belt from being deflected.

Comb rollers are widely used in mining, power plants, chemical and other industries.

The comb-type idler belongs to the conveyor belt auxiliary brake guiding product. The special product structure makes the conveyor belt have the characteristics of non-stick roller, self-cleaning force and non-sticky belt in the environment of conveying sticky materials;

this product fundamentally solves the corrosion and sticking roller which is common in belt conveyors.

The comb type roller can meet the installation requirements of the TD75 tape machine

When the roller is in operation, the water, dust and mud can easily penetrate into the sealing structure along the gap.

As soon as the pollutants enter the inside, it will extend as the bamboo is inward, and the bearing seat will soon be stuck, causing premature failure of the roller.